Homestead Harvests


Eric Marshall

14861 Enterprise Road

Heyworth, IL 61745



Five miles Southeast of Heyworth, IL


Homestead Harvests LLC provides locally grown food using sustainable practices and is central Illinois’ only USDA Certified grass fed small producer. We strive to benefit customers by growing fruits, nuts, and beef. We raise the purebred Belted Galloway heritage breed. By not feeding any grain, grass fed beef contains the proper ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, is lower in fat and calories than conventionally raised meats, and higher in conjugated lineoleic acid and vitamins. Please e-mail to reserve a spot on the waitlist for future grass fed beef quarters. There is no cost or obligation to reserve a spot. The only way to ensure your food is high quality and animals are treated humanely is to visit the farm raising it. I host field days at the farm and am always available to provide a tour. Thank you for considering Homestead Harvests for your family’s food! 

Note: Map location is not completely accurate. Actual location is 1 mile south of the indicated marker.