Location: 7 miles North of Springfield, South of Cantrall in the Walnut Hills Subdivision


On farm sales available from 5pm-8pm Monday-Thursday. Call ahead




Honey Creek Farm 


Tressa Hoffman

101 Trillium Ln. 

Springfield, IL 62707




Available via Old State Capitol Farmers Market in Springfield and On-Farm


We are dedicated to selling top quality natural (without chemicals) homegrown vegetables, honey, eggs, herbs, nuts, flowers, jams, jellies, and baked items that contain homegrown fruits and nuts at a reasonable price.  I am also offering handmade natural (bee silk) lotions and bath products.  We currently sell on Saturdays at the downtown farmers market and have items readily available.  I am also home every evening from 5 - 8 Monday thru Thursday.  The farm can be reached at 217-652-6517.  Help support buy fresh buy local!!