Huelskoetter Pork 


Larry & Vicki Huelskoetter

2322 2000th Street

Beason, IL 62512 



Downtown Bloomington Farmers' Market 


Huelskoetter Pork is your source for locally grown and processed pork. All of our pork products are USDA inspected, steroid, animal by-product, and growth hormone free, and 100% guaranteed. Huelskoetter Pork is Pork Quality Assured lll certified. We sell pork products by animal quarters, halves, whole, and individual cuts. We offer free delivery to residents and businesses in DeWitt, Logan and McLean counties. Since 1972, Huelskoetter Pork Farm has been farm family owned and operated by Larry and Vicki Huelskoetter, and has offered quality pork products. We invite you to get to know us and try our delicious pork meat products. E-mail us at: