Why September?

It's the most abundant time of the year! During September you can find warm season crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peaches, alongside cool season crops likes apples, carrots, and winter squash. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when attendance and sales at farmers markets drop off. 


By committing to buying locally in September you will not only have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of fresh produce and proteins (often at the best prices), but you will also help small farmers in your area continue to earn income that will keep them afloat during the winter months.

How it Works

This year we're challenging you to a scavenger hunt with a chance to win $200 at the Buy Fresh Buy Local farm or food venue of your choice! The hunt consists of 8 photo challenges, ___ trivia questions, and ___ tasks.


Photo Challenges are things like "Take a photo with a farmer at your farmers market" or "Take a selfie with a fruit or vegetable you've never tried before." 


To play, simply download Scavify from your app store, create an account, and join the hunt: Eat Local Challenge

You can download and join the hunt at any time, but the challenges won't appear until September 1st. The hunt officially ends on September 30th.

What Do I Get?

Once you download Scavify and join the hunt you'll be automatically subscribed to weekly emails during the month of September featuring seasonal recipes, stories about local farmers, resources to help you buy local, and a list of food and farm events happening across Central Illinois. 


Additionally, complete all of the challenges by September 30th, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win $200 to spend at your favorite local farm or food venue listed in the Buy Fresh Buy Local Directory.  


Finally, when you take the Eat Local Challenge, you have the opportunity to support local farms and grow the local food economy in your community-- all while having fun! 



Take the Eat Local Challenge

A month long photo scavenger hunt to connect you with local food and farmsPlayers receive great resources and tips for buying local, seasonal recipes, and a chance to win $200 to your favorite local farm or food venue. The hunt starts September 1st and ends September 30th.  Learn more at bit.ly/SeptemberEatLocalChallenge


         1. Download the Scavify App from your App Store


                   2. Sign up


                             3. Join the hunt: Eat Local Challenge 

                                                                     (Note: If the hunt does not automatically appear, simply type it

                                                                      into the search bar)

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