Rolling Meadow Brewery & Farm 


Caren Trudeau

3954 Central Point Road

Cantrall, IL 62625



Farm to bottle brewery located in Cantrall Illinois, just North of capital airport! Cheers!


Open by appt. only


Rolling Meadows Brewery is a small production brewery at Rolling Meadows Farm. It began as an appreciation of good beer and a desire to create a fine product utilizing the abundance of natural resources on our farm. We have designed our brand drawing upon our collective experiences of brewing, farming and craftsmanship to create small batch beer in tune with the nuances of our farming tradition. We brew great beer, simply made! Together with several local restaurants and chefs we grow our own hops, vegetables, and grains enhancing the historic agricultural nature of our beer and its sense of place. We use our own artesian well water giving our beer a crisp finish. We produce small batches of beer inspired by the orchard, our hop yard, fruits, berries and the herbs growing in our area. We are proud of our brewery and happy to show you around so please call (217) 899 7239 or email ( for tours of our farm and brewery. Our beer, ABES'S ALE, LINCOLN,S LAGER and SPRINGFIELD WHEAT is available at grocery, liquor stores, farmers markets and at the brewery. Ask for them at local bars and restaurants!