Local Flavors Dinner Menus, September 18th

Now you can find farm-fresh meals at your favorite restaurants during L

ocal Flavors 2014! Participating restaurants across Central Illinois will prepare a fresh, seasonal meal with produce sourced from local farmers. Fresh, Healthy, Delicious, Good for you, Good for the Community, and Good for the Environment.

The next Local Flavors event will be held on Thursday, August 14, 2014. Location and menus are listed below.

The Local Flavors Farm-to-Table Series will take place in Springfield, Bloomington-Normal, Peoria, and Champaign-Urbana.

Local Flavors Lunches will be held on the first Tuesday of each month June-October.

Local Flavors Dinners will be held on the third Thursday of each month June-October.


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Local Flavors DestihlCU Menu.jpg


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Edge by Dustin Allen

Edge by Dustin Allen is a farm-to-table restaurant that serves local farm-fresh meals on a daily basis. Produce is delivered daily and the chef decides the menu upon seeing the availability of produce that day. As such, the dinner menu is not created until the day of the event. For that reason you can rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality local produce and that each menu item will be exceptional.


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