Make the Pledge to Buy Local this 4th of July

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The concept of the small family farmer is deeply ingrained in the American consciousness. It's a symbol of good old fashioned hard work, respect for the land, and it is an iconic part of our history. However, these days, a majority of our food is produced in a highly mechanized and industrialized system where farmers are essentially contracted workers on their own land, who then sell their crops (usually corn and soybeans) to large, multinational food corporations. If you buy from small farmers, who you can find at farmer's markets, a lot more of your money is going towards supporting individuals in your community. It's the difference between shopping at Wal-Mart and shopping at the store owned by your neighbor. In these tough economic times, you can show your support to the people who live in or near your community. In fact, if every household dedicated just $10 of their weekly grocery budget to buying Illinois products, a whopping $47 million would be re-invested in the Illinois economy. Make the pledge to buy as much as you can from farmers markets and local farmers this weekend and make this 4th of July not just Independence Day, but Food Independence Day as well! Make the Pledge

Photo Credit: JacksandKate

Excerpt from 6 Reasons to Eat Local This 4th of July


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