Local Flavors Menus for July 16th!

Local Flavors Menus.png

What's better than a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant? A delicious meal at your favorite restaurant starring the freshest local ingredients from central Illinois farmers, that's what! When you dine out for local flavors, you not only get to savor the flavors of Illinois, but you get to show your support for small farmers, sustainable farming, and local businesses. When you buy local, you exercise your power to change our food system and create a world where land, animals, and people are treated with respect. Check out the menus below and make your reservations today!

Lunch at Apple's Bakery in Peoria has been cancelled due to the closing of the bakery. Go ahead and send them some love on the Apple's Bakery Facebook Page. And don't miss Lunch at Cyd's on August 6th for the next Local Flavors event.

Dinner at Hendrick House in Champaign-Urbana

Hendrick House 2.png

Dinner at Driftwood Cocktail and Eatery in Springfield

Driftwood Cocktail and Eatery.jpg

Lunch at Anju Above in Bloomington: Menu coming soon!

(Please forgive the delay. A devastating flood at Epiphany Farms is keeping the restaurant and farm staff busy, a Local Flavors menu will be available this week. Check back for updates).


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