"Baba Ganooouush!" Your Go-To Eggplant Recipe

Baba Ganoush. Sounds bouncy doesn't it? I mean, without knowing what it means, one's brain might immediately form the image of a person bouncing on a diving board over a large tub of goulash (ganoush, goulash...they could be easily confused) and yelling "Baba Ganoooouuush!" right before they spring in head first.

No? That wasn't the mental image that came to your mind?

Anywho now that I have you smiling, let's get down to the good stuff. No Baba Ganoush is not the word called out before diving into a tub of goulash...it's much much better.

A roasted eggplant dish, Baba Ganoush originated in the Middle East and is traditionally served with pita or flatbreads, but also goes great with carrot sticks and olives, and makes a lovely spread for a vegetarian sandwich or topper for crostini. And with eggplant hitting its peak season, its the perfect time to pick up one of these purple beauties at the farmers market. And did I mention that eggplant is full of dietary fiber (the good stuff your doctor is always recommending you get more of) and vitamin B6 which is necesity for all sort of bodily functions.

Image Courtesy: Serious Eats

The recipe couldn't be more simple. Just prick your eggplant with a fork and then place it on a hot grill and let it roast for 20 mintures or so. The skin should turn black and blister. Once its all toasty and basically inedible looking, pull it off, let it cool for a bit, and then slice it in half and scoop out the flesh (discard the charred skin).

Throw the flesh in the blender or food processor with the rest fo the ingredients and give it all a whir until its a creamy delight. Don't be surprised if you want to dive into the blender after your first bite. And if you have the incredible urge to yell "Baba Ganoouuushh" while eating it, well I have no idea where you would have gotten hold of such a wild notion ;)


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