Have You Found Your CSA Yet? Let us Help!

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, are a great way to support your local farmer and get your fill of farm-fresh produce. Buy a "share" in a local farm at the beginning of the season to help farmers cover the up-front cost of seeds and equipment, and get a "share" of the harvest on a set schedule throughout the season. It's win-win! And it's never too early to start thinking about signing up for a CSA for 2016. Often times openings and availability go fast. Check out the local farms and farmers below with successful and long-running CSAs.

Small Axe Market Farms

Location: Springfield

Description: Our CSA runs for 20 weeks, from May through September. Pick up is on-farm every Tuesday between 5 p.m and 7 p.m. You will generally receive approximately $22.50 in market value each week. The farmers are dedicated to bringing you food the way it was intended to be eaten. Your food is grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. We are a small plot intensive farm with an emphasis on soil health. Our growing practices include composting, cover cropping, organic fertilizers and crop rotation.

Cost: $500

Link to more information: facebook

Contact: Gus Jones: 1-217-299-4578 or email: augustj77@gmail.com

Triple M Farm: Mariah’s Mums & More, LLC

Locations: Serving DeWitt, Macon, Piatt, & McLean counties

Description: Our CSA starts approximately early June and goes through late September. We offer a weekly (20 weeks) and bi-weekly CSA (10 weeks) Each CSA basket will include 7-10 different varieties of in-season produce and a weekly newsletter which includes 3-4 recipes and storage, preparation, and health information. We offer pick up at our farm and at a location in Clinton, and we offer delivery to homes or businesses for an additional fee. Prices are $205 for bi-weekly pickup, $255 for bi-weekly delivery, $405 for weekly pick-up, and $455 for weekly delivery. Deadline to sign-up is May 1.

Link to more information: www.mariahsmums.com

Contact: Mariah and Greg Anderson, mariahandgreg@mariahsmums.com, 217-898-0706

Sally's Fields

Location: Springfield

Description: We are a small scale, sustainable, chemical-free vegetable CSA that meets on the west side of Springfield once a week on Sunday afternoons from the first week of June through mid to late October. We provide at least eight items each week, including potatoes, onions, carrots, kale, chard, herbs of all kinds, tomatoes...the list is too long, but there is a wide variety. We also periodically partner with fruit growers to bring a little extra sweetness to some of the summer shares.

Cost: $ 415.00 for a full share, $210.00 for a half share

Deadline to sign-up: end of February, 2015

Link to more information: www.sallysfields.com

Contact: info@sallysfields.com or 217-483-8385

Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery

Location: Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington

Description: Bi-weekly offerings of cheese, gelato and artisan breads from May through October

  • Cheese Share Prices range from $15 per week ($195 for the 13 week season) for two containers of chevre to $26 per week ($338 for the season)for a container of chevre, a bloomy rind cheese and a wedge of hard, raw-milk cheese.

  • Bread Share Prices range from $6 per week for a loaf of bread or a six-count bag ($78 for the season) of bagels to $12/week for the bread & bagel combination or two loaves of bread ($156 for the season).

  • Gelato Share Prices are $10/pint per week or $20/2 pints per week ($130 or $260 for the season).

If you sign up from January 1st-March 1st, 2015, you'll get a 10% discount off regular retail prices.

Link to more information: http://www.prairiefruits.com/our-csa

Contact: prairiefruits@gmail.com, 217-643-2314

Bracket CSA

Location: Champaign-Urbana

Description: We grow over 40 different types of vegetables and fruits. Fruits include strawberries, rhubarb, red and black raspberries, gooseberries, black currants, blackberries, blueberries, up to 20 varieties of apples, and up to 6 varieties of pears. We "specialize" in cherry/salad tomatoes, and grow up to 32 varieties in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors, most of them heirlooms and a choice few modern hybrids. We also grow a few different varieties of slicing tomatoes and paste tomatoes as well as several varieties of peppers. The complete growing list can be found on our website. Our CSA runs from the last week in May to the first week in November (the "official" season). After the main season is done, we offer members a chance to continue getting goodies in a week-by-week, cash-n-carry post-season. Anyone can join the post-season which usually runs through February. Pick up is at my house in Champaign on 611 W. Union St.

Cost: $500 for a 24-week "official" season.

Deadline to sign-up: As soon as possible

Link to more information: www.brackettfarmcsa.com

Contact: Bob Brackett, Brackett-CSA@comcast.net

PrairiErth Farm CSA

Location: St. Mathews's Episcopal Church in Bloomington, private residence in Lincoln, and the Champaign Farmers Market in Champaign

Description: We offer 24 weeks of certified organic vegetables, as well as discounted pricing for our organic beef, pork, fruit and eggs. Our members receive 5-8 different items in their share each week with the opportunity to trade items they don’t want for items they’d prefer to have. We partner with 5 different farms and businesses to also offer bread, cheese, locally roasted coffee, flowers, raw honey, chicken and lamb. CSA members also receive priority sign-up for our two winter CSA programs.

Cost: $475

Link to more information: www.prairierthfarm.com

Contact: Katie@prairierthfarm.com

Oak Tree Organic CSA

Location: Springfield

Description: We are very much looking forward to this upcoming season with the addition of our greenhouse and various expansions. This year we will offer two different types of programs. The first being for those of you that enjoy a bit of the unknown and the possibility of eating and cooking something different as well as getting the basic vegetables. We will offer a vegetable only farmers choice share which will be 20 consecutive weeks of what is in season. For those of you that want to support local food but want a bit more control of your diet, we will offer a program that allows you to order what you want, when you want over a 7 month period which includes our vegetables, free range eggs, pastured pork and beef at a 10% discount.

Deadline to sign-up: CSA agreements must be received by February 15th.

Contact: Chad Wallace, oaktreeorganics1@gmail.com

Henry's Farm

Location: Pick-up location in Bloomington, Eureka, Morton, Peoria, and on Henry’s Farm in Congerville

Description: Fresh-picked seasonal vegetables for 26 weeks, starting the last Tuesday in May and ending before Thanksgiving. The selection of produce varies from week to week (see typical shares to the right), but your box will always be full to the brim with 7-9 types of vegetables at the peak of their flavor. We grow only the best-tasting varieties with No GMOs, Pesticides, Herbicides, or Synthetic Fertilizers. We hand-pick the produce at 7 on the morning of your pickup and it is in your hands that evening. Our farm is certified organic and our CSA is entering its 15th year.

Link to more information: www.brockmanfamilyfarming.com

Contact: Henry Brockman, henhiroko2@netscape.net.

Good Earth Food Alliance CSA

Locations: Peoria, Canton, Morton, Farmington, and Wyoming.

Description: Through a sustainable means of production Good Earth Food

Alliance offers: fruits, vegetables, and herbs, free range eggs, pastured poultry, organic grass-fed beef, and organic pastured pork. We do not rely on just one, but four farms

scattered throughout a four-county region. This allows GEFA to "weather" the storms

and extremes experienced by a typical farm. Prices vary depending on different share types.

Link to more information: www.goodearthfoodalliance.com

Contact: 309-822-9876

Triple S Farms

Location: We deliver to Champaign-Urbana, Springfield, Decatur, Collinsville, Effingham/Olney Mattoon & Robinson

Description: Our Buyers Club (our version of a CSA) requires a one-time fee for membership and we have delivery set up on a monthly basis. There are no minimums and members are not required to order every month. We offer beef, pork, chicken, and turkey (seasonally), all on pasture and we are always accepting new members. Members get monthly newsletters about happenings on the farm as well as invites to farm events.

Link to more information on your website: www.triplesfarms.com

Contact: Stan Schutte, stan@triplesfarms.com, 217-343-4710

Dearing Country Farm

Location: Bloomington

Description: Our CSA runs from May – October, 2016. Pickup is on Wednesdays at our farm just 3 miles west of Bloomington, IL or at the Downtown Bloomington Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings. We offer produce which can include fruit and berries, as well as meat and eggs. Our options are:

  • Produce Only- $416.00 /26 pickups. This share will consist of 4 or 5 seasonally available produce items, like radishes, onions, sugar snap peas, lettuce, bok choi, swiss chard, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, okra, squash, zucchini, melons, pumpkins, sweet corn, etc.

  • Chicken & Eggs - $520.00 /26 pickups. A whole or cut up chicken averaging 3 pounds and a dozen eggs for 26 weeks.

  • Beef & Eggs – $520.00 /26 pickups. Two (2) pounds of ground beef and a dozen eggs for 26 weeks.

  • Chicken, Beef & Eggs - $910.00 /26 pickups. A whole or cut up chicken averaging 3 pounds and 2 pounds of ground beef and a dozen eggs for 26 weeks.

Link to more information: www.DearingCountryFarms.com

Contact: Brad and Jackie Dearing, farms@dearingdesigns.com, 309-963-4932

Jon and Emma’s Place

Locations: Pick-up location in Hillsboro, Litchfield, and on the farm in Butler

Description: We are a certified organic farm raising produce and grass-fed beef. The cost for a standard CSA share of produce is $550. You will receive an email each week with a list of produce available and we are able to vary your basket to some extent based on this list. We will start deliveries in May and go through October. Grass-fed beef will be available at a discount for members. There is a $50 discount for anyone who comes and works a half a day each month at the farm. We encourage you to bring the kids and just have fun. Lunch will be provided. There is also a $150 special discount offer for anyone who joins the CSA's family of energy users. The CSA's energy group is competitively priced and often offers a lower rate than your current provider. The interesting result is you save money two ways and we are also helped two ways. It’s a Win-Win situation for both of us.

Link to more information: facebook

Contact: Jon Klingenberg, Klingenberg@consolidated.net, (217) 313-8301

Healing Acres Farms

Location: We deliver to Springfield, Edwardsville and have a pick-up at the farm

Description: We are offering a large variety of chemical free vegetables and herbs, pastured free range eggs and pastured meats beginning in May and ending in October. There are two types of memberships being offered (with different sized packages available) and discounts if paid early.

Deadline to apply is May 2 (see contract for discounted prices for paying early)

Link to more information: http://healingacresfarm.blogspot.com/

Contact info: Cindy Hatton, Mark Moore, healingacresfarm@gmail (217) 522-4325

Tri County Fresh Food Hub CSA

Locations: We have pick up locations weekly at our Fresh Food Stops located in Peoria, Pekin, Eureka and East Peoria.

Description: Our season is 22 weeks long beginning the last week of May. A full share is a weekly bag of produce and a half share is a bag of produce every other week. Bag includes seasonal vegetables, fruit, herbs and eggs. For information on last season's offerings, visit our website. We work with 12 local farms all within 80 miles of our hub home and adhere to clean growing practices. Our CSA profits go to directly fund the multiple programming offerings in our region food desert areas in the ways of free community cooking classes, nutrition education and urban agricultural initiatives.

Cost: Full share ($506.00) and half share ($253.00)

Deadline: May 31st, but members can sign up throughout the season to acquire bags for the remainder of the season

Link to more information: www.believegitm.com (click on TriCounty Fresh Food Hub/CSA) Contact: Kim Keenan and Denise Urycki, co directors. gitm@mtco.com, (309) 966-3790. Tri County Fresh Food Hub, 4200 E. Washington Street East Peoria, IL 61611 .

Bane Family Meats

Location: I deliver to the Champaign Co. customers for free; delivery fee outside Champaign Co. depending on location.

Description: My CSA's are monthly deliveries of a variety of meat and poultry products (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs and turkey).

Cost: For monthly deliveries of 10 lbs/month for 6 months is $454.00; 10 lbs /month for 12 months is $875.00; 20 lbs/month for 6 months is $845.00; and, 20 lbs/month for 12 months is $1575.00.

Smaller versions are also available -- 6 monthly deliveries of 4 lb of chicken, plus 2 lbs of ground beef, pork or turkey, plus 1 doz eggs for 6 months is $252.00; or $504 for 12 monthly deliveries.

Deadline to sign up: no deadline for sign-up, but the number of applications accepted is limited

Link to more information: www.banefarm.com

Contact information: David Bane, (217) 722-2188, davidpbane@aol.com

Illinois Willows

Location : pick up location Urbana's Market at the Square on Saturdays on scheduled dates

Description : Our selection will vary from week to week as the season progresses, each bouquet will have a variety of flowers. The bouquets will already be arranged in a vase so you will have no need to arrange them yourself. Just bring back the previous empty vase when you pick up your new bouquet. Subscribers will receive a large , farm fresh bouquet ever other week from June 4 - October 22 which is 11 weeks of beautiful flowers in a vase just for you. This year you will get a $30.00 bouquet for each date (11 dates) for just $300.00. Deadline to sign up is May 27, 2016. Additionally, we also have Buyer's Club Membership available. Our Buyers Club requires a yearly fee. Members purchases will receive a % off every purchase during the year. This discount may be taken at any of the following locations that we are at: Urbana's Market at the Square, The Land Connection Champaign Farmers Market, 3rd Sunday Market, The Holiday Market, The Middle Market and Illinois Willows farm. The membership season runs May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017. Deadline to sign up is May 1, 2016.

Link to more information : www.illinoiswillows.com

Contact : Kent Miles, (217)778-8312, illinoiswillows@aol.com

Legacy of the Land

Location: Legacy of the Land has three pick up locations to choose from: Champaign/Urbana – pick up on Tuesday nights at the Champaign Farmer’s Market; Bloomington/Normal – pick up on Friday afternoons on IWU campus; Eureka – pick up on Tuesday afternoons at Mika’s Bistro

Description: Our CSA is for 22 weeks. Starting the last week in May. Your Harvest Shares will be primarily vegetables. We will add fruit when it’s available. You have the option of adding a dozen eggs to your veggies and/or you can add fresh bread from The Garlic Press Market Café to your weekly share.

Cost: $450 for the veggie share; $110 to add one dozen eggs; $220 to add fresh bread

Deadline to sign up: March 15

Website or link to more information: market.thelegacyoftheland.com Sign up forms can be found on the CSA tab. You can even pay via PayPal on the site by creating a simple login then going to the Place an Order tab!

Contact information: Amy Randazzo, (309)825-9687, info@thelegacyoftheland.com

Harvest and Blooms Farm

(Veenstra's Vegetables CSA)

Location: Rochester

Description: CSA members will receive twenty-five (25) weeks of fresh produce, ready for on-farm pick-up every Tuesday evening from 5 - 6 pm, May 17th through November 1st, 2016. CSA members also receive a weekly email with notes from the farm, tips and delicious recipes featuring the produce you receive that week.

One full weekly share generally satisfies the needs of two people on a vegetarian diet or four people with a mixed diet.

Cost:The cost of a full share is $ 550.00. The cost of an individually prepared 1/2 share is $330.00. Friends or family may share a full share and then divide it on your own.

Link to more information: http://www.harvestandblooms.com/share-options/

Contact: hello@harvestandblooms.com


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