THE Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe

Almost every day for the last month I have been "shaking up" my breakfast routine with this perfect green smoothie recipe (see what I did there? "shaking up"..."smoothie"!). Apart from being a great balance of healthy fats, protein, and carbs, and having an unbeatable amount of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals, this little gem also kicks hunger cravings to the curb, and absolutely most importantly, tastes fantastic.

I've tried to jump on the green smoothie band-wagon for years, but I always fall off a day or two later. I found that after a few sips, I tended to give up my half-drank green smoothie for a scone or muffin, or other more satisfying breakfast treat. What good's a green smoothie if you don't want to drink it, and worse, end up abandoning it because you're starving for something that tastes like real food? But after a month of these smoothies, I've finally found a recipe that's bound to stick around. Here's what you'll need.

Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe

Makes 1 serving

250 calories (based on low-sugar vanilla almond-milk).


  • ½ - ¾ Cup Greens of Choice (Spinach and Kale work great. Feeling adventurous? Try Bok Choy, Beet Greens, or Swiss Chard. Freezing your greens beforehand makes for a smoothie with a smoother texture)

  • ½ Large Banana (fresh or frozen)

  • ½ Pear (fresh or frozen)

  • 1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter

  • 1 ½ Cups Vanilla Almond or Soy Milk


  1. Cut your banana and pear into chunks.

  2. Throw all of your ingredients in a blender and blend for 2 minutes or until all ingredients are smooth. (I have a magic bullet that is amazing for this kind of thing...I just add all my solid ingredients and fill the rest of it full with almond's the perfect serving size every time!)

  3. Freeze leftover ingredients in a freezer bag for use throughout the week!

  4. Get creative with add ins. Need more protein? Add in some vanilla protein powder. Not quite sweet enough? A tablespoon of honey will take care of that. Don't have a pear? substitute an apple for the same great taste! Have some extra kiwis lying around (I did, so those went in one day too). Smoothies are a great way to save old fruit and prevent waste since the ripest fruit works best and their also a great way to use up leftover greens or those beet greens you never know what to do with.


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