Local Flavors at EDGE by Chef Dustin Allen, June 16th, Peoria

Local Flavors kicks off in Peoria on Thursday, June 16th at EDGE by Chef Dustin Allen. EDGE is a farm-to-table restaurant with a rotating menu of seasonal deliciousness. Chef Dustin believes in using the best and freshest ingredients and knows this means sourcing from local farmers with a commitment to sustainable practices. He often creates the night's menu based on the ingredients sourced that week, or even that day. For an idea of what he'll be serving for his Local Flavors event on June 16th, or to make a reservation and simply be surprised, call 309-692-3343. And you can feel good knowing that while you're feasting on the finest flavors of Illinois, you're also supporting small farmers, sustainable business practices, the humane treatment of animals, and stronger local economies. Doing good never tasted so good!

Click here learn more about Local Flavors events and to get the full schedule of participating restaurants and dates.


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